CLEARWATER ENVIRONMENTAL SERVICES is the best decision your business and community can make when needing a Partner in wastewater services.  ClearWater Environmental Services prides itself as an industry leader in the treatment of non-regulated wastewater.  At ClearWater, we strive to achieve the most optimal solution for your water treatment needs.  ClearWater is goal oriented, using State of the Art water treatment techniques.  Our expert staff uses Innovative, cutting edge technology to  achieve excellence for our customers.  Our customers realize we are a Partner in the process of determining and providing the most optimal waste water solution that meet their individual needs . We value our customers and strive to develop lasting relationships.

ClearWater provides Turn-Key Solutions for the transportation and processing non-regulated wastewater to industries and municipalities . “We Get Water” it’s vital to our environment, communities and industries. ClearWater is a leader in the industry using efficient and optimal solutions for your business and community. Every year at ClearWater we continue to increase our treatment capabilities and add new ways to serve our customers.   We “make things happen” while assuring every aspect of service delivery is dedicated to efficiency, quality, timeliness and innovation.



Treatment of Wastewater


Wastewater treatment protects the environment and public health.  ClearWater is committed to using cutting edge technology; Our expert staff provide innovative solutions that meet your individual needs.  ClearWater ensures your water complies with Federal, State and Local regulations governing the wastewater treatment process and sludge management.


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Transportation of Wastewater

ClearWater Environmental Services owns a fleet of vacuum tankers which allows us to respond in a timely manner to your needs. This helps control every aspect of the service ClearWater provides.  Owning our equipment allows ClearWater to respond 24-7  when you need a solution” sooner than later”.  ClearWater Environmental Services can transport your industry or community Wastewater – We are responsive to the unique demands of your situation. 

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Do you need an analysis of your wastewater?


At ClearWater Environmental Services we pride ourself on our ability to determine the best solution to treat and dispose of waste streams.  How?  Our expert staff realize every situation is different, therefore providing solutions tailored to meet your individual needs!  We collect a representative sample of your waste stream, we run an analytical to determine the treatment process necessary to meet Federal, State and Local regulations governing the wastewater treatment process and sludge management. Our innovative techniques ensure our analysis identifies the best way to treat your waste water so it can be “drain ready”.  Timeline is typically 2 weeks.

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